Establish a lifelong love & appreciation for the music you create.

TIFEM offers Private Music Lessons, Private Group Music Lessons, and Group Drop-In Music Classes for a variety of instruments. Music lessons are geared towards developing the student’s enjoyment of music, this being the most effective way to improve musical skill and achieve personal growth.

Private Lessons

Sign up for TIFEM’s private music lessons in a variety of different instruments, and get the specific focus you need to bring all of your musical visions into reality.
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Private Group Lessons

Have fun making music with co-workers, friends or family. TIFEM’s private group music lessons provide a great way to share the learning experience with someone you know.
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Group Drop-in Classes

Ideal for students that like to play with others in a relaxed environment, our group music classes are offered weekly in a casual drop-in setting at a very reasonable cost.
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