Music lessons for all ages. Open late 7 days a week.

Establish a lifelong love & appreciation for the music you create.

The Toronto Institute For the Enjoyment of Music specializes in a unique and effective method of music education. Private and group lessons are geared towards developing the student’s enjoyment of music, this being the most effective way to achieve personal growth and improve musical skill. TIFEM provides a foundation for students to build the attitudes and skills necessary to develop as musicians. Our enthusiastic and inspirational faculty motivate each student individually, keeping interest in music
sparked according to the student’s own goals and musical aspirations. Lessons are and will always be based on the student’s current musical interests and learning style. Teachers will have a flexible yet organized and logical teaching method. By focusing on enjoyment, students will ultimately want to spend more time immersed in the joys of music. For more detailed information, please check our Lessons page.

Group drop-in classes:

Ideal for the student who has a hectic or erratic schedule, our group classes are offered weekly in a casual drop-in setting at a very reasonable cost. All group classes are geared towards ALL LEVELS of difficulty. Each individual group activity is modified to challenge the more advanced students, and to cater to the needs of those who are just beginning their area of study. Group drop-in classes currently available: Class for Parents with Kids Studying Music, Group Guitar, Group Ukulele, Group TheoryAdult String Ensemble,  TIFEM Choir, Suzuki Plus! TIFEM Kids Violin ClassesTIFEM Kids Class, and TIFEM Youth Band.

TIFEM Group Drop-in Music Classes

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