TIFEM Student Shout Outs! Rebecca Fox

As part of an ongoing series we feature TIFEM students who are out there doing their thing in the music world. Props!

Rebecca Fox, Student Shout Outs, Music Lessons, The Toronto Institute For The Enjoyment Of MusicREBECCA FOX

Rebecca Fox is quite an accomplished mezzo soprano who has sung with the Canadian and New York Opera companies, and is currently residing in Berlin where she works full time as an opera singer.

Rebecca came to TIFEM to brush up on her music theory knowledge, and is back in Toronto studying with us this winter after a stint overseas.

Rebecca’s musical goal at the moment is to perfect the role of Rosina in Rossini’s The Barber of Seville. She is set to enter into the next Plácido Domingo World Opera Competition, an event that celebrates the world’s best.

We’re pulling for you Rebecca!

Q. We know you have accomplished a lot in music already, but what are a few opportunities that have come up for you recently that you are excited about?

This past year has been very exciting for me. Since I spend most of my time in Europe, I am able to really immerse myself into the Opera and classical community throughout Germany and Western Europe.

In recent months I had my Italian debut as Rosina in Rossini’s “Il barbiere di siviglia”. Along with singing the role with a very talented group of singers, I was also invited to sing concerts in some of the most beautiful villas in Italy.

Being based in Berlin, gives me opportunity to work with fantastic singers, and musicians. It really is the place to be for Opera singers and classical musicians.

The last few months have been a whirlwind of concerts and recitals, ranging from small churches to beautiful theaters in the heart of Bavaria. In fact, My New Year’s started just there, In a small town in Bavaria singing in an annual New Year’s Concert.

Along with singing comes auditioning. Sometimes I feel like I am a traveling salesman. I hop on the train in Berlin early in the morning, and visit as many as 3 to 4 different cities in one day to audition.

Q. How has studying here at TIFEM helped you with some of your musical experiences?

Studying at TIFEM has been great. Though most of the musicians I have come across in there are not focussed primarily on classical music, it is the language of music in its simplest form that brings us all together.

I originally came to TIFEM to focus on and brush up my musicianship skills. Musicianship and theory has always been difficult for me. I started studying there and with time I was really able to apply what I was being taught. I suddenly found myself being able to tackle more challenging music and learn much faster. Because my teacher had given me the tools I needed, it gave me the confidence to really understand what was going on musically.

The instructors and teachers really know what they are doing. They are so passionate about what they do, so you can’t help but really get something out if it. I always have felt that the best teachers are the ones that really love what they do and it is so evident here at TIFEM.

Q. What do you love best about studying here at TIFEM?

Despite having one of the greatest locations in downtown Toronto, TIFEM really has a grass roots feel to it. Every time I come in, the guys always have a smile on their face. One thing I must say is my favorite part of the school is the amount of studios they have. It’s not always easy to find rehearsal studios that allow singers, or rehearsal studio that even have a piano. At TIFEM most studios have a piano! It makes practicing really great and with no distractions!

Q. What are some future goals in music that you would love to accomplish over the next few years?

I have so many goals in the near and distant future. You never “finish” as an musician. There is always something to learn, technique to master, and of course growth as an artist. That is the best part about what we do. We never finish. There is never a deadline or a goal. We can only keep working, auditioning, performing and doing what we love.

At the moment I am studying and preparing to go back to school. I have chosen to apply and audition for the Hans Eisler program at the Hoch Schule in Berlin. I would love to go there because even though I have been working professionally for years now, I would love to go back to formal education to better myself as a musician and artist.

The next big goal I have is for next year’s round of major voice competitions. This includes the Operalia competition, or commonly known as Plácido Domingo World Opera Competition.

As a musician I always have goals. I love having something to work on or look forward to. It lights a fire under me so I never stop and get lazy. Being a musician is not an easy road, but I strongly believe with the right support from your teachers and the inner drive and determination to do it, nothing is impossible.