Make me a playlist – Duality

A time of duality is upon us all. Forces are at once pulling us in two opposing directions. The tension of the transition between seasons and perspectives, mounts.

A poem, if you will:

Reclining on a late summer’s beach blanket
watching the lazy sailboats pass
slowly but steadily accelerating on the winds of the harvest

What to do, what to do? We want to enjoy every drop of summer as it passes, but we want to be prepared for the next season, the season of productivity.

Relish the taste of that ice cream cone, but be careful not to let the winds of fall blow your rocky road to the ground.

Embrace the duality and realize how many folks have dealt with similar struggles and expressed them through song.

01. Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve
02. Hot n’ Cold – Katy Perry
03. Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off – Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
04. Hello Goodbye – The Beatles
05. Heaven and Hell – Black Sabbath
06. Us and Them – Pink Floyd
07. Night and Day – Cole Porter
08. Whenever I Breathe Out, You Breathe In – Modest Mouse
09. That’s All – Genesis
10. Thinkin’ of One Thing and Doin’ Another – Miles Davis