TIFEM Group Guitar Drop-In Classes

Every Saturday evening at 5pm, TIFEM offerers guitar players a chance to learn something brand new, and the opportunity to play with other guitar players at our Group Guitar Class for $15 per drop-in.

Learn some new tips and tricks to help with rhythm playing, soloing, and improvisation. Strengthen those fingers; improve dexterity and speed through a series of inventive warm up exercises. Concepts for applying scales and modes, and songwriting analysis will be covered in addition to learning songs together and arranging them for the Group.

This is a wonderful opportunity for  those of you who have always wanted to learn the guitar but have wanted to do so in more of a social situation, or on a budget.

The Group Guitar class welcomes students who are already studying guitar lessons privately, as an accent to their one on one sessions.

The interactive aspect of the Group class will offer a new dimension to the student by challenging them to respond, react, and create in real time, alongside their musical counterparts.

The only thing better than one guitar is two!!