TIFEM Students Shout Outs – Chris Lo

Chris Lo is a face we’re always happy to see around TIFEM.

The guitar player has been studying at TIFEM for over two years and Chris has certainly seized the day and taken on a fantastic musical journey for himself. An ambitious and creative player, Chris and two other TIFEM students have started a band of their own. Malahat, named after a BC coast highway that the three share a connection with. The BC exports rehearse religiously right here in our lower level rehearsal space and are working through covers and writing their own original songs.

We asked Chris to sound off on his experience at TIFEM and asked him a few questions about himself and his music.

1. How has studying at TIFEM helped you with some of your musical experiences?

I came to TIFEM as a beginner to the guitar a few years ago. I brought in an acoustic to my first lesson and remember meeting my teacher, Simon Akirov, who blew me away with what he could do with an electric. Right after that experience, I stopped by the music store, picked up one of my own, and haven’t looked back since.

2. What do you love best about studying at TIFEM?

Hands down, the warm and supportive atmosphere. I met my bandmates here and we rehearse often at the school. Our teachers give us feedback as a group and continue to help us grow individually as a musicians.

3. What are some future goals in music that you would love to accomplish over the next few years?

When i was learning the rudiments of playing, I focused on playing songs as close to the album as I could. Now when I learn music, its more to open my mind to new ideas, and of course, for the sheer enjoyment of playing. I’m looking forward to improving my improvising and to completion of our band’s first EP.