TIFEM Suzuki Plus! Group Violin Classes for Kids

Introducing a brilliant new edition to our already shining lineup of Group Drop-In Classes.

Suzuki Plus! is a group violin class geared just for kids and it will be led by Lea Kirstein, who has had enormous success with the TIFEM Adult String Enselmble.

Lea works with youngsters on a regular basis, and her latest venture promises to be a natural extension of what she is great at; getting people together, and making beautiful, harmonious music that is larger than the sum of it’s parts.

The class takes place on Sundays at 3:30pm-4:30pm, and costs $15.

Group classes can be an important and joyful supplement to private lessons, and the goal for Suzuki Plus! is to provide an enriching and fun first ensemble experience for young violinists from the ages of 4-9, give or take.

The class is offered to violin students who are already enrolled in private Suzuki violin lessons, either at TIFEM or elsewhere. Although the Suzuki method is the basis for curriculum, the choice of repertoire is excitingly varied.

In addition to playing arrangements from the Suzuki Violin Book 1, the ensemble will also look at pop, traditional, and world music arrangements dear and familiar to the hearts and ears of it’s participants.

Students will develop ensemble skills through memory, rhythm and beginning improvisation games, co-ordination obstacle courses, listening activities and group concerts.

Parents are requested to stay and observe.

WARNING: Parents may be asked to drum, clap, and participate in mini parades. TIFEM is not responsible for the effects of continued exposure to extreme cuteness.