March/Spring Break

In conjunction with the relentless rhythms of the universe, the music at TIFEM never stops, even at March break.

Should you or the musician in your life experience a window of extra leisure time this break, feel free to use some of that spare time to fast track you on your way to your musical goals.

Instructors will be more than happy to schedule you in for some extra lesson time during the week if you are so inclined.

Practice rooms are usually available at some point during the day for those of you who’d like to stop by and get a good chunk of wood shedding in. Talk to us about booking a time slot in one of our studios.

Group Drop-In classes are also a brilliant way to supplement what you’re learning in your lessons and a wonderful opportunity to play along with other musicians.

Ideal for any level, including beginners, the Drop-In classes are a delightful plan for a fun and engaging afternoon activity with friends or on your own. The more the merrier.