TIFEM Group Music Theory

Thursdays at 8pm. All levels. Everyone is welcome!

Pre-registration Required:

All we need is your name, the date that you’d like to attend, and your contact information. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

TIFEM Group Music Theory classes are catered to all levels. Each individual group activity is modified to challenge the more advanced students, and to meet the needs of those who are beginning their area of study.
Musicians from all disciplines, and who all play different instruments will have the opportunity to learn about communicating their musical ideas. Whether the goal is to better understand the students own musical processes, or communicate musical ideas to fellow musicians, music theory is an essential part in learning the language that is music. Some Group Theory topics that are covered are:

  • Intervals
  • The Circle of Fifths
  • Chord Scale Theory
  • Modes

One Class


    Set of 4 Classes


      Set of 8 Classes


        Set of 16 Classes


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