TIFEM Private Group Music Lessons

Study in a private group setting:

TIFEM Private Group Music lessons offer the advantage of studying in a social group setting with the convenience and customization of a private lesson.

Private Group Music Lessons are a fantastic idea for corporate events, private functions, or having fun with your special someone or your close knit group of friends. The music lessons are completely customizable, and can be scheduled at your convenience.

TIFEM provided a great venue and experience to kick off our corporate holiday party. Using music was a great bonding exercise for our team. TIFEM made everyone feel comfortable and creative. Highly recommended for any business wanting to engage their team.
Crowd Science, Inc.
Thank you TIFEM! We had a fantastic time learning to play the ukulele and I think it has inspired all the musicians in us! So if you don’t see us working in our research labs anymore, it’s probably because we are on tour.
Toronto Rehab-UHN (AI & Robotics Research Team)

One Half Hour

$27 per person

    Set of 4 Half Hours

    $104 per person

      Set of 8 Half Hours

      $200 per person

        Set of 16 Half Hours

        $384 per person

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