TIFEM Private Music Lessons

TIFEM offers private music lessons with some of Toronto’s finest musicians who play a wide range of instruments in numerous styles.

Music lessons are tailored based on the student’s musical interests, goals and learning style. Our faculty approaches each lesson creatively, allowing the spontaneity of the moment to balance a well thought-out and organized lesson plan.
Each teacher identifies, enriches and develops the student’s unique relationship with music. We have a holistic approach to music education that will nourish and enhance the student’s growth as a musician. Lesson content and methodology are catered specifically to the individual, with the enjoyment of music as the constant theme. Students receive an abundance of rich and practical ideas towards achieving their musical goals. A logical, organic path is drawn out for each student in accordance with their listening preferences, and personal ambitions.

We Offer Lessons In

  • Banjo
  • Bass
  • Brass
  • Cello
  • Clarinet

  • Composition
  • Digital Music
  • Drums/percussion
  • Flute
  • Guitar

  • Mandolin
  • Music Theory
  • Piano
  • Saxophone

  • Ukulele
  • Viola
  • Violin
  • Voice/Vocals

One Half Hour


    Set of 4 Half Hours


      Set of 8 Half Hours


        Set of 16 Half Hours


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