TIFEM is very excited to extend our approach to music education to the TDSB & TCDSB.

TIFEM conducts fun and inspirational workshops of different varieties for children of all ages. Some highlights include our full term intensive Ukulele Course and one-off Ukulele Workshops.

TIFEM also offers a coaching service for music teachers, providing them with the tools needed to teach the ukulele and bring this fun and inspirational instrument to the classroom. In addition to our Ukulele Workshops, we also conduct General Music Workshops that supplement and enhance the school’s established music programs.

We have visited schools in and around the district, including Givins Shaw P.S., Charles Fraser P.S., Niagara Street Junior P.S., and Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School.

Examples of workshops include: The Magic of the Ukulele, What Is a Band?, and An Introduction to Rhythm. We have also led our very own TIFEM Percussion Ensemble featuring aspiring rhythm-makers.

TIFEM has also participated in fun and educational events such as Arts Alive, and provided electronic music for Science Night at Niagara Street Junior P.S.

We are fully equipped and able to lead a smaller classroom workshop, or present a larger, school-wide production in a gymnasium like setting.

For further details or inquiries, please contact TIFEM.

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