Time to Start Thinking Summer

Well, well, well, it looks like the sky’s been coloured blue and the Little Daisies are coming up everywhere. It’s finally here, friends and it’s been way too long.

Time to start thinking summer!

In future posts, will pay homage to Trinity Bellwoods and go Running For The Roses with our Nothing But Flowers playlist.

We’ve got some special things happening at TIFEM for the warmer seasons, such as our Youth Band Program and some other great group classes.

When it cools down at the park come warm up at the TIFEM Open Mic or go out and see a show played by one of our own.  Check out our Faculty pages for their upcoming shows.

Can’t wait to see you duck in from the heat into our air conditioned TIFEM Environs, or out at one of ourTIFEM MUSIC FOR ALL OCCASIONS events.

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