Summer is here!

We know you are out there somewhere, Mr. Sun and we’re really anticipating a busy season filled with festivals, live shows, and patios, all with you by our side. The music sounds better against the backdrop of your golden rays and your warming presence, and the smiles of passersby seem brighter.

The summer sun is an appropriate setting for music and musical inspiration. TIFEM is offering some exclusive summer specials this year. For those of you who are continuing to study over the summer, and for the first time student who is choosing to enrich their season with an engaging and rewarding pastime, many new summer programs will also be available.

Aside from passing the time and being extremely fun, music can also have a profound effect on happiness. Studies show that an uptempo song in a major key can speed up the heart rate, and increase the frequency of breath, which is a physical sign of happiness. That plus a little natural vitamin D should improve your summer considerably.

The formula for a happy summer may be a slightly different equation for everyone but here at TIFEM we are 100% convinced that sun and music are an essential variable across the board.