My volunteer experience at TIFEM – Kaylee O’Meara

Grade nine was coming to an end and I wanted to volunteer somewhere in the summer for my High School community service hours. I had plenty of options for volunteering (retirement homes, child care centres, etc.), but I was interested in a place that could incorporate some of my interests like music. The Toronto Institute For The Enjoyment Of Music (TIFEM) was an obvious choice.

I started taking vocal lessons at TIFEM back in the fall of grade eight. I cannot describe how far my voice has come since I’ve started. Lessons were fun and laid-back while also being very informative and helpful.

I have been volunteering at TIFEM for a few days now. I have been cataloging their music library, helping to create their special summer offers sign and helping with the day-to-day operations of the school. It has been a great learning experience. I’ve learned about music history by cataloging music anthologies, greeting customers and gotten a behind the scenes look at how the school functions. TIFEM has a great atmosphere to work in. The founders were kind and welcoming and they tried to incorporate music and what I wanted to do in every task they gave me.

I would recommend volunteering at TIFEM to anyone who wants to work in a calm, laid-back atmosphere as well as has an undeniable passion for music.

Thanks again,
Kaylee O’Meara