TIFEM April Greetings

We all got bruised, battered, broken, and beaten down by the crushing winter of 2013-14. Owned. PWND even.

To say we are cautiously optimistic in the fight for spring would be cautiously optimistic. There have been a few teases of the coming season here and there, but winter is proving a formidable opponent.

The best way to go to war, if we can’t seize the enemy, is to seize the moment. To enjoy those rays of sunshine when they do come around.

Seizing the moment, or being in the moment, is what good music is all about. The artform is always moving in real time and if you miss a beat, you gotta jump back in to where the music is NOW. No time to hesitate, or to dwell.

The movement is always in motion and if you stay with it you will be taken on a journey that may or may not inspire euphoric feelings and a need to celebrate. Even when it snows in April.

How do you seize and celebrate the moment most effectively? Of course, with music.

This month we’re looking forward to doing so at TIFEM’s Open Mic (April 26th) with the door flung wide open, shooting the cool breeze with the warm breeze.