TIFEM Tidbits – Things You May or May Not Know

Here’s a quick burst of info about some important TIFEM features that some of you may have missed in previous newsletters.

As a TIFEM student, you have access to some great musical resources, and there are some illuminating supplementary courses offered as well.

TIFEM has an extensive in-house musical library and an almost boundless digital library, available in-house to all TIFEM students, free of charge.

Feel free to leaf through some of the repertoire and technique books on the shelf, or ask one of our staff if there is a musical piece you are looking to play. There’s a good chance the TIFEM Digital Library has what you are looking for. Also included in the digital library are exercises on scales, arpeggios and many other technical studies that will sharpen up your musical chops.

The ever-useful TIFEM website also has many helpful resources, such as staff paper and TAB paper, links to a list of fantastic musical websites, and a guide to some of the most handy educational musical apps out there.

We have a growing list of Group Drop-In classes including Ukulele, Adult String Ensemble, Guitar, and of course the Thursday night Theory Class.

Be sure to check out some of TIFEM’s performance opportunities for you or your child. Namely, the monthly Open Mic, which takes place April 26th, and our Children’s Music Festivals which happen regularly throughout the year.