Cyberspace is the Place

We said it, and we did it. All of us. We made it to the sweet spot of summer, and transitioned gracefully to brighter times and brighter weather.

We are meeting new friends this summer who lo and behold, share our passion and love for music. Our old friends are reaching new frontiers with their musicianship and being challenged to go even further by their muses and sparks of motivation.

New TIFEM website!

We are really hyped to say that things are being taken to the next level, both IRL and on the interweb. The TIFEM Space Command is preparing to transmit a message that will improve efficiency and the enjoyment of your online TIFEM experience in an exciting and newfangled website launch.

Carefully and studiously crafted both to inspire good feelings through aesthetic and ease of use, the site will be launched next month and we want to be the first to welcome you to our improved cyber-locale.

We welcome your feedback, so feel free to holler back if you’d like to share your thoughts. We love compliments and we also aim to please.

Proceed to countdown.