Hanging with the Strings: Classical String Ensemble / World Fiddle Class

Apparently, the string community of Queen West has been expanding exponentially in the past months. It seems like all of the cellists, violinists, people who play viola and players of the double bass have recently been popping out of the woodwork and showing up at our Adult String Ensemble.

Due to the massive popularity of the Adult String Ensemble we are now offering two nights of Group Classes for strings, instead of just one, and focusing on two diverse areas of music.

The Classical String Ensemble will now meet every Monday at 7pm and welcomes all levels of playing and technical ability. Led by Lea Kirstein, the ensembles aim is to bring people together to play music based on the philosophy that even small details within any piece of music can be most significant. No matter where you are on the journey, Lea will set you up with a meaningful part to play.

Wednesday evenings at 7pm are now host to the World Fiddle Class. The class is also tailored to any level of playing ability and focuses on a wide variety of fiddle melodies from all over the world.

The last Wednesday of each month is a Session Class where players get the opportunity to jam on their shared repertoire for the month.

All the finer details can be found on the TIFEM website, feel free to email or contact us with any questions.