Super Roey!

“He’s a great boy. He always calls me back when I call him.” – Roey’s Mom

A special shout out to TIFEM’s very own resident hero guitar teacher, Roey Shemesh is in order.

One morning this summer the young Yasmin realized that she had mistakenly left her guitar on the streetcar on the way to her lesson.

Much to the chagrin of Yasmin, it seemed her guitar was lost forever.

Going above and beyond the call of duty, Roey hopped on his nearby bike and chased the streetcar down literally almost a million blocks across Queen street. By the time the pursuit reached Jameson Roey had caught up to the Red Rocket and successfully retrieved the sparkly blue guitar.

We’re really proud of our buddy Roey, and apparently so is the Toronto Star, who honoured the story on their front page!

“I love that boy.”– Roey’s Grandma