TIFEM Teacher Shout Outs – Erik Arnesen

This month we feature banjo and guitar instructor, Erik Arnesen.

Erik is a bright and knowledgeable musician who is as familiar with the music of Daft Punk and Jay Z as he is with more traditional styles of music generally explored by string players.

We’re always thrilled when one of our instructors achieves success for their work and we support and acknowledge Erik for his success in Great Lake Swimmers.

Great Lake Swimmers were nominated for the 2009 Polaris Prize for their outstanding album called Lost Channels and that year were also nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award.

Most recently, the band released their album, New Wild Everywhere in 2012, scoring a top 40 hit with their song, “Easy Come Easy Go”. A new Great Lake Swimmers album is slated for release later this year.

Erik’s duties in GLS don’t end at guitar and banjo playing. He also adds the Indian droning instrument, the harmonium to the mix on occasion. Another example of Erik’s eclectic taste, and extensive knowledge of music of all types.

We got a chance to see Erik perform a couple of summers ago at the Hillside Festival in Guelph and he and his band seemed at home on the main stage, in front of an audience who obviously were jazzed to see a band they knew and loved. Hopefully we get to catch GLS again soon.

We wish Erik continued success with the Swimmers’ new album and we’re super happy to have such a talented and friendly guy in our midst.