TIFEM Youth Band Opportunities

This year as our student body continues to expand, and our group classes grow in numbers, we are able to house a space where musicians can get together not only just to play, but also for the good of the hang. The chance to meet other like minded artists to collaborate with could be the gateway to musical friendships that last a lifetime.

TIFEM Youth Band

Here’s the lowdown on an update for our Youth Band for this coming Autumn.

Some of the most successful ensembles here at TIFEM have been hand selected. Students of various disciplines have been grouped together, hit it off, and gone on to perform at the TIFEM Open Mics, and beyond. On numerous occasions now, we have even checked out some of these groups at their own performances at various venues across the city.

That said, we have chosen to remove the drop-in option for the TIFEM Youth Band. Never fear though,  we are now becoming more active in creating unique situations for those particular students who are showing an interest in ensemble play.

Join the fun!

If you think your child is one of these students, let us know. A group ensemble is an opportune way to take their playing and musicality up a notch, and an occasion to experience the magic of making music with others.