TIFEM 5 Year Anniversary! Celebrating with an Open Mic

Celebration is certainly in order as we prepare to ring in our 5 year anniversary with all of the talented, and sweet individuals who help make TIFEM such an awesome place to work / play / study / perform / exist.

The best way we know how to celebrate, as if it were news, is having a gay old time playing our hearts out amongst old and new friends.

Come out and play some tunes for us, or come and hear what some of our students and instructors have been up to, musically speaking.

The Open Mics are always a superb hang and every open mic is another opportunity to network with other musicians. Over the course of five years, quite a few bands have been spawned at TIFEM events and the December 13th Open Mic should be no exception.

There’s a rumour going around that Steam Whistle Brewing is sponsoring the event with refreshments that when enjoyed responsibly, will compliment the experience. We’re told that tasty beer and music go well together.

See you there!!!