TIFEM Holiday Music Festival 2014

Seems like a chain of festivities is happening at TIFEM in the next little while.

This time of year is special, and as part of tradition, music helps us get into the spirit and joy that warms the soul even in the coldest of temperatures.

It’s a great pleasure to take part in the growth and improvement of budding musicians, and our TIFEM Music Festivals showcase some amazing young folks playing and singing their little hearts out.

As each promising young player continues to go forward and take on more challenging pieces, All the Young Dudes and Dudettes are not only improving as players but flourishing in confidence and always doing nothing less than bringing it.

Please join us this December 20th and 21st for our 2014 Holiday Music Festival and prepare to have a good time, almost cry and experience Cuteness Overload as todays youth and tomorrows future serenades you with a winning rendition of Jingle Bell Rock.