Hogtown Hometown Heroes: Noah Mintz

From the 427 to the River Rouge, Lake Ontario on up to Steeles Ave, we bring you the city’s best, past present and future.

Noah Mintz is one of those guys who, although you may not know him by name, you’ve definitely heard his work in some form or another.

He has contributed much to the Canadian music scene, whether it’s in the field of performance or production, and he is definitely a full fledged Hogtown music staple.

Noah founded one of the first Canadian indie rock bands EVER, called hHead with Brendan Canning in 1991, years before Broken Social Scene came on the scene.

hHead gained a respectable following and steady play on radio and MuchMusic. They were soon signed by IRS records to do the follow up to their debut album. After a brief stint with IRS, they moved on to release their 3rd and final album, “Ozzy”, on Handsome Boy records.

Shortly after the breakup of hHead, Mintz continued to make music and formed a solo project called Noah’s Arkweld, which featured Leslie Feist on bass, another BSS connection.

Noah’s relationship with BSS continued to yield some very high quality Canadian music, notably his mastering work on The Broken Social Scene album.

Mintz has turned his knowledge and expertise in the field of recorded music into one of the most popular mastering houses in the city, if not the entire country, Lacquer Channel Mastering.

Noah and Lacquer Channel have mastered work by such exciting acts as The Constantines, Death From Above 1979, The Arkells and Rheostatics, to name but a few. LC continues to be the go-to place for mastering for many Canadian and international artists.

We’re proud to call Mr. Mintz a Hometown Hero. We’re thankful to have such an influence impact our city’s musical history. Noah is a talented musician with a great ear who will undoubtedly help shape the future of our music scene by making Toronto/Canadian bands sound just that much better.