All Time Love Jams Part II

Many concepts about love are deeply rooted in tradition. There is an imprint of the past and it’s customs in the strain of every culture’s DNA when it comes to matters regarding the L-Word.

In the name of adding to an already rich tradition of TIFEM bringing you the jams, we introduce year two of TIFEM’s list of the best love songs ever cut.

True to tradition, we don’t recommend playing ALL of these at your romantic, candle lit dinner on the eve of February 14th. There are some numbers in here about the murky waters and overcast skies that love can sometimes throw in one’s path.

Whether you’re knee deep in quicksand or ankle deep in rose petals, Music will always be there to compliment, comment, confuse and finally confound.

01. Pale Blue Eyes – The Velvet Underground

02. My Body – How To Dress Well

03. Say It Isn’t So – Hall and Oates

04. 1985 – Paul Mccartney and Wings

05. Happy Together – The Turtles

06. Wouldn’t It Be Nice – The Beach Boys

07. Wonderwall – Oasis

08. X-Factor – Lauryn Hill

09. Eyes Without A Face – Billy Idol

10. Haitian Divorce – Steely Dan

12. Since I’ve Been Loving You – Led Zeppelin

13. Something – The Beatles

14. I Want To Talk About You – John Coltrane/Red Garland