Matches Made In Musical Heaven

Matches Made In Musical Heaven

In order to properly raise the glass to the month of love, we pay homage to some of the great musical collaborations where the artists were much more than friends.

Many a spark has been ignited as two recording artists stare at each other across a TLM 49. All those sappy lyrics, mixed with a coupla pretty faces with beautiful voices blowing air at each other is a recipe for love that has no doubt yielded some bountiful feasts for the eyes and ears.

1. (SG+BB) Serge Gainsbourg+Brigitte Bardot –
Possibly the most famous of Gainsbourg’s collaborations, and the most successful Bardot musical effort, this coupling was born out of a late 1960’s love affair between the two. Bonnie and Clyde, is heralded as one of the pinnacles of Parisian pop Music, as Hey Jude is to England. In subsequent decades, the music has continued to sound fresh and proves that long after the love affair is over, the music still holds up.

2. Fleetwood Mac –
Perhaps one of the most well known examples of a musical group who knew how to mix business and pleasure, Fleetwood are on the list because of the soap opera like internal relations that eventually led to the demise of the band. Before things got too complicated, Fleetwood Mac managed to stake a claim in music history as one of the great bands of all time. One could speculate that all of the lover’s tension and turmoil added a visceral and emotional depth to their recordings.

3. (JC+AC) John Coltrane and Alice Coltrane –
Coltrane’s second wife provided an emotional stability and security that the artist had been without for quite some time, according to author Peter Lavezzoli. Coltrane had struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for a large part of his adult life. In Alice, he not only found a friend and lover, but also an apposite musical collaborator. “(Alice) continually senses the right colours, the right textures, of the sounds of the chords.” It seems that the kinship and connection two lovers feel offstage can be translated and channelled into their musical expressions as well.

4. (P+SE) Prince and Sheila E –
At a concert in 1978, while performing with her father, percussionist Sheila E. was greeted backstage by an admiring Prince, admitting to her that he had made a bet with his friend about who would be the first to be her husband. Impressed with the abilities of the young and attractive musician, Prince recruited Sheila for a spot in his band during the sessions for Purple Rain. Although under Prince’s wing, Sheila E. became a popular recording artist in her own right, scoring a #7 Billboard hit with a song called, “The Glamourous Life”.

5. JAYZ and Beyonce –
Dating since Beyonce was just 19 years old, the romance between these two has made them the most powerful and well known power couple in music. In parallel to another Match Made in Musical Heaven, Jay and Bey’s first collaboration was ‘03 Bonnie and Clyde and was quickly followed by Crazy in Love amongst a list of other successful offerings. Combined, the two form a well of talent that is pretty unstoppable. A truly great illustration of how lovers can flourish alongside each other and enjoy one another’s achievements.