Music & The Infinite

One of the main points of our musical philosophy here at TIFEM is the concept that no matter how far you have travelled on your musical path, you are essentially, “never done”, meaning that music is the type of pursuit that constantly offers it’s pursuers new horizons and infinite opportunities for achievement.

Even in the most basic and rudimentary sense, this is true.

For example, a student masters 1 scale, 8 notes to be played in succession. Fingering and technique are impeccable, tone and timbre are of the deepest possible depth and leave nothing to be desired. The tempo is set at a reasonable rate. By all accounts, the student clearly shows an understanding of this scale, these 8 notes, backwards and forwards.

At this point, the student may say to themselves, “That’s it, I couldn’t possibly go any further here…”

This is where the infinite rears it’s beautiful head and suggests to the student that although they have achieved a certain level of mastery with the scale in question, there are many other elements to consider and what’s more to be challenged by.

What about bringing the tempo up, or taking it down to such a slow pace that a new level of listening and anticipation is required to stay on time? How about playing the scale without looking at the instrument, playing the scale in thirds, fourths and furthermore? One can see where the infinite stands in this challenge.

This is true for everyone, regardless of their technical or musical ability, knowledge of theory, if their musical path is straight and narrow or jagged and multi faceted. All musical paths will lead to the same place, which isn’t really a place at all, but a constant shuttle towards the next attainable objective.

There is always another variation, another level of technical achievement, another opportunity to become more comfortable, more akin to the instrument, and feel more effortless doing it, and this is what makes making music something to enjoy for life, for ever, for infinity.