TIFEM Kids Class

We hold a very special place in our hearts for the next generation of musicians and music fans, and this joyful enthusiasm is a jumping off point for each and every TIFEM Kids Class.

TIFEM Kids Class is a creative and fun way to educate children ages 2-5 about the way music works, and the connection between sound and the world around us.

Children will play music related games and learn about some of the basic mechanics of music through group activities. The spacious and musically active TIFEM Environment, with it’s bright front room, and many other nooks to explore filled with instruments galore, is an ideal atmosphere for you and your child to discover the arts.

TIFEM Kids Class could be, pardon the pun, instrumental in preparing your child for a sharp schooling career. Many of us are aware of the fact that music improves memory, motor skills and helps children become successful in mathematics.

At TIFEM we stand by the philosophy that Music Is For Everyone, and this includes the little ones poised to be the next Paganini or even the next Pasteur.