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Studying at TIFEM has really introduced my son to music in a positive way and he has taken to the piano much better than he would have anywhere else. TIFEM’s warm and welcoming atmosphere contributes to his learning and he looks forward to coming in for his lesson each week.
He loves that he always learn something new each lesson with Stephanie and developing new skills. (Bonus:  stickers & candy)

Margaret Tao

At my first lesson, if you would have told me that a year later I would start playing in an all-girl rock and metal cover band. Or that I would play a show at the Bovine. Or that two years later I would be collaborating on writing original songs, basslines and lyrics with Malahat, my new band. Or that I’d ever be in a place in my life that I could not only play bass but also sing in front of a roomful of people. I would never have believed you. Nobody’s been more surprised by my progress than me. TIFEM paired me with a teacher who gets me, who makes every single lesson fun and who helps me believe anything is possible. Roey is an incredibly generous, supportive teacher. And he answers all my questions! (I have a lot of questions!)
Oh, definitely the people and the community—I found my bandmates through TIFEM! But it’s the vibe too. When I started lessons I was in a place in my life and career as a writer where I hadn’t been a beginner at anything for a long time. Beginning was humbling, but somehow being vulnerable in such a positive atmosphere created some kind of alchemy that opened me up. I think in a roundabout way the experience made me a better, more honest writer. And a stronger, more hopeful person too.

Suzanne Andrew – Bass Student

I came to TIFEM as a beginner to the guitar a few years ago. I brought in an acoustic to my first lesson and remember meeting my teacher, who blew me away with what he could do with an electric. Right after that experience, I stopped by the music store, picked up one of my own, and haven’t looked back since.
Hands down, the best thing about TIFEM is the warm and supportive atmosphere of the place. I met my bandmates here and we rehearse often at the school. Our teachers give us feedback as a group and continue to us grow individually as a musicians.

Chris Lo – Guitar Student

TIFEM has help me discover my passion for music and nurtured it.  TIFEM takes a different approach to teaching music than most music places.  As its name suggests, it is more into building a love for music rather than minding what level you are, or how well you do on your exam. TIFEM’s overall attitude and disposition really suites me.

Dante Castagna – Guitar Student

I like the approach to learning at TIFEM. You can work on your technique and refine your skills in music, but what you learn from playing freely and from “jamming” is the ability to adapt. To learn by the book is tough because everyone will learn differently, and that one book may not be beneficial to everyone.
At least in my experience at TIFEM, I come in not knowing exactly where my lesson will take me, and I’m always surprised at how much I’ve accomplished and at how good I feel by the end of my lesson. There was an ease in singing the anthem at the Jays game because we played so much in my lesson with different approaches and sounds.

Bryan Hindle – Vocal Student

I originally came to TIFEM to focus on and brush up my musicianship skills. Musicianship and theory has always been difficult for me. I started studying there and with time I was really able to apply what I was being taught. I suddenly found myself being able to tackle more challenging music and learn much faster. Because my teacher had given me the tools I needed, it gave me the confidence to really understand what was going on musically.
The instructors and teachers really know what they are doing. They are so passionate about what they do, so you can’t help but really get something out if it. I always have felt that the best teachers are the ones that really love what they do and it is so evident here at TIFEM.

Rebecca Fox – Music Theory Student

I really don’t believe I would have gotten into ESA without TIFEM. Allie, my amazing vocal teacher, prepared me so well, even setting up a mock audition for her ESA students, complete with guest judges. We worked hard to refine my songs and she gave me the confidence I needed to feel ready.
My favourite thing about TIFEM is the fun, relaxed atmosphere, and having the freedom to work in any genre of music I like. I enjoy my lessons and I have definitely become a better musician since I started here.

Kaylee O’Meara – Vocal Student

TIFEM has given my son a chance to explore music on his own terms. Howard took just-short-of-four-year-old Sam’s enthusiasm for drums seriously and paired him up with a patient and insightful teacher, Jon Fedorsen.
Jon has taught Sam how to think like a drummer, and Sam’s development as a musician has exceeded our most optimistic expectations. Further, he’s learned the value of attentive listening and of applying himself over time. We can trace some of Sam’s strengths in math and language to his work at TIFEM. Recently, Sam has joined the TIFEM Youth Ensemble class, and his excitement about music has blossomed.

Mark Truscott
TIFEM Testimonial, Student Reviews, Music Lessons, The Toronto Institute For The Enjoyment Of Music

TIFEM Testimonial, Student Reviews, Music Lessons, The Toronto Institute For The Enjoyment Of Music

TIFEM Testimonial, Student Reviews, Music Lessons, The Toronto Institute For The Enjoyment Of Music

TIFEM Testimonial, Student Reviews, Music Lessons, The Toronto Institute For The Enjoyment Of Music

TIFEM Testimonial, Student Reviews, Music Lessons, The Toronto Institute For The Enjoyment Of Music


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