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TIFEM offers guitar players a chance to learn something new & play with others with our group Guitar Class:

  • Learn new tips to help with rhythm playing, soloing, and improvisation
  • Improve dexterity and speed through a series of inventive warm up exercises
  • Learn concepts for applying scales and modes
  • Add songs to your repertoire and do songwriting analysis

Group Dynamic

  • Intermediate to Advanced players

What does it mean to play in a certain key? How do I know what notes to use in a solo? How can I make music in a group, accessibly and effectively?

  • SAT FEB 11 | What we’ll cover: Diatonic chord progressions using open chords and triads. 
  • SAT FEB 18 | What we’ll cover: Common Chord progressions and solo techniques using arpeggios, triads and scales.
  • SAT FEB 25 | What we’ll cover: Advanced solo techniques and ostinato playing 

The Triad Universe

  • Intermediate to Advanced players

Why are triads so awesome? Where can I find triads on the guitar and what can THEY do for ME!?
In February we discover the simplicity and efficiency of triads,where to find them on the guitar, and how to use them in group playing situations. 

Advanced Chords & Inversions

  • Advanced players

This month we explore chords and inversions and how to use them in ensemble situations. This course will especially be effective for students who are looking for more advanced and less “obvious” harmonic possibilities, or those who are interested in expanding their chord vocabularies beyond. General knowledge of basic chord structures is encouraged.

Jazz Improv

  • Intermediate to Advanced Players

This course will look at several different jazz forms and focus on rhythmic accompaniment and soloing, rather than melody playing. Students will expand their knowledge of soloing in a jazz context, and learn how to navigate through shifting harmonic movements within their solos. Rhythmic playing will delve into advanced triads and chord substitutions. intros, endings and advanced group dynamics will also be covered. 

Blues Improv Intro

  • Beginner Players (with intro course as pre-requisite)

What is virtually the most accessible form of music to play in a group dynamic? Gotta be blues for sure. In this course we introduce ourselves to the world of blues, and delve into a few basic blues forms. A great course for those of you who are curious about learning how to solo, play accompaniment or those who wish to engage and collaborate with other players in a group. 

Blues Improv Advanced

  • Intermediate to Advanced Players

In June we look at Blues and its many forms. The guitar and the blues are synonymous and virtually no other form of music is more accessible to the group dynamic. The Blues is a framework where solo and rhythmic concepts can be developed, creating an excellent gateway to more advanced music like jazz or metal. A great class as well for those of us who enjoy group playing just for the fun of it. 

Total Beginner Intro

  • Beginner Players

This is the course for those of you who are total beginners and have always wanted to learn the guitar!! A safe, friendly and inspiring group course where we will learn some beginner chords and technique and cover some of the guitar and musical basics. Also the perfect primer for many of our other group guitar courses. 

World Music

  • Intermediate to Advanced Players

This course will be an interesting and somewhat different approach towards the group guitar classes. We will explore the rhythms and some of the harmonic structures of music from around the world, namely music from Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America and Brazil. Odd time signatures and polyrhythms will also be looked at.

Modes & Scales

  • Intermediate to Advanced Players

An essential course for those players out there who want to expand their knowledge of scales and modes and how they are played through the fretboard. In this series of classes we will learn about different scales and how modes can influence possibilities for the improvising musician or composer. We will also learn how to identify which modes or scales to use in any given improvisational or compositional situation. 

Finger Style

  • Beginner to Intermediate Players

In this course we will cover various types of finger style guitar playing. We will touch on the styles of the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, as well as some other pop, folk and country styles of picking. This is a great course for someone who has very little experience in finger style, or for the slightly more intermediate player who is seeking out some new finger style approaches and patterns. 

Finger Ex For Building Strength

  • Intermediate to Advanced Players

This edition of the group guitar class will introduce several dynamic finger exercises that will help the player develop their physicality on the guitar–an essential component for good musicianship. Players who may feel like somehow they have plateaued in their abilities will find this course refreshing, challenging and inspiring. 

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